I'm Mark. Whether you're here to check out some tunes, or learn more about what I do, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

I make music out of my home studio in KCMO. If you've seen some of my work appear in film (ads, documentaries, etc.), it's because I partner with an incredible company called Marmoset Music. Marmoset matches music I create with filmmakers who make compelling visual stories. 

Creating meaningful songs is my first love, and where my inspiration for instrumentals come from. In fact, most instrumentals of mine have a vocal line written for them but my wretched voice never usually makes the cut.

Outside of music, you can catch me hanging with my wonderful wife, playing small shows with buds around KC, traveling to the PNW, and geeking out about all things Warcraft (Tichondrius, Olstyle, For the Horde 🤘🏼)

Wanna link up? I'm always down to grab a coffee. Click the "Contact" tab.

Wanna listen to some other stuff I've worked on? Click the "Music Catalog" tab.


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